About the App

Parent Parachute is available on any device, and you can download it from the links below.

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Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and click “sign-up” to get started. You’ll be walked through all the steps to set up your account, and from there you can select your desired topic to begin.

Parent Parachute contains videos and activities that are centered around specific topics, such as Bedtime or Tantrums. You’ll watch a video and then complete a series of exercises that customizes the information to your family. Each day you’ll be prompted to check in and keep track of how your child is reacting to the new strategies, as well as make any necessary adjustments.

Parent Parachute is currently in a public beta. During this period it is free to use.

We recommend using the app daily to practice and track your progress, but users can take advantage of the different strategies as frequently as they like.

Yes! No one parents alone. A key feature of Parent Parachute is the ability to share the strategies with a co-parent, a caregiver, or other adult. These “parent partners” will be able to complete the strategies with you and keep a separate diary that you both can read.

Yes. We are launching with the four most common challenges parents face, with the goal of expanding into other areas later on. If there’s a parenting topic you would like to see, get in touch through the contact page in Parachute, or email us here: parachute@cfchildren.org.

About Us

Founded originally in 1979, for decades we have been dedicated to the well-being and educational advancement of children. In that time, we have produced numerous evidence- and research-based programs that help children thrive. We rely on rigorous research to ensure that our programs are both effective and easy to use, and continually evaluate them for effectiveness and seek new opportunities to learn.

Our Education, Research & Impact team consists of educational designers, research scientists, and implementation staff who build on Committee for Children’s extensive experience in the field of social-emotional learning (SEL) to develop and constantly improve our programs and products. Our researchers translate recent research from the field into practical application to ensure every program and product we create is designed to address real life challenges. The Committee for Children research advisory group also provides consultation and guidance to our staff.